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Why End of Life Planning is Important It has happened time and time again that families are taken by surprise by the death of their loved ones leaving them clueless as to what to do first. It is either they don’t want to accept the possibility of death or they are simply not thinking that it can come any time and that they have to be prepared as to the necessary steps of action to take once a loved one dies. By preparing your family for the end of your life, you are giving them a good gift. Perhaps you have already created a will or a trust, the start of your estate planning. In reality, estate planning is not being done by many Americans. So, making a will or trust is the right step in the right direction toward pre planning your future financial wishes. However, this form of planning fails to accomplish one important task, and that is addressing your family’s immediate concern. Within 48 hours of your death, the persons responsible for take care of your final arrangements are usually forced to make extremely important decisions and final purchase in a very short time. Since you are no longer there, you cannot anymore help to alleviate the emotional and financial stresses that your loved ones are going through, but if you plan your funeral wishes, then this will help them a lot.
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An integral part of a sound financial and estate plan is taking care of your funeral services ahead of time. The best way to help your family is to pre-plan your funeral so your family knows what you want as a method of disposition and what type of services you want so that they can properly grieve and recover. Funeral pre-planning is also beneficial since you still have a calm and clear thought process by which you are allowed to make extremely important decisions. You will create a more rational and logical end-of-life plan.
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Planning your funeral arrangements in advance may help alleviate many details but prepaying or prearranging your funeral services is a way of taking care of the actual expenses. One of the fastest growing and most appreciated aspects of funeral planning is pre-paying your funeral or cremation. A new and widely accepted piece of sound financial and estate plan by financial professional today is not only pre-planning your funeral arrangements but also pre-paying your funeral expenses in advance. The most common strategies to pre-pay your funeral plan is through your savings and life insurances. These are reliable and are readily available. Pre-paying your funeral cost and other expenses can be done in other ways. A policy specifically designed to cover funeral expenses is funeral insurance. Here you have the option to determine exactly which funeral costs or expenses are to be covered such as flowers, burial plot, grave marker, and more.